Walk-In Tubs

Tampa Bay Walk-In Tub Installers


If you’re planning to replace your existing tub with a walk-in tub, Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay has got your back. Walk-in tubs are specifically beneficial in homes where there are elderly. Walk-in tubs reduce the risk of elderly people slipping or falling in the bathroom.

If you want to get a walk-in tub for the purpose of making your bathrooms safer for the elderly in your home, you’ve got to make sure that you get the absolute best and safe product, and this is where Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay enters the picture. You might want to know why you should opt for Five Star Bath Solutions to get a walk-in tub for your bathroom. Here’s a list of reasons why!

Shower Seats

We offer the option of adding a shower seat to the shower area where you can stay seated while you take a bath. This reduces the risk of you having to step into the tub and settling yourself in it. You can enjoy a safer and a lot more comfortable bathing experience.

Doors Are Easy to Open

Our walk-in tubs feature safety doors that are super-easy to open and close. They open swiftly and close securely. Getting in and out of the tub is quite convenient, you don’t have to struggle with the door to open, which further adds to bathroom safety.

Shower Bars


Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay offers low-threshold shower bars that further help create safer bathrooms.

Ambidextrous Options

One of the most important reasons why Five Star Bath Solutions is the best option for getting a walk-in tub installed is that we offer ambidextrous options. Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, our installations are ambidextrous, so there’s absolutely nothing that you need to worry about. 

In short, Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay caters to all of your needs in the best possible way! So give us a call today to get your walk-in tub installed. (813) 497-4076